Spekulator Program 2011-2012

 tired of banks predicting your future? now is the time to step in and become part of the crisis. take back control and experience the fantastical world of finance.
Spekulator is an D.I.Y.-investment fund. It’s a stock-market
slot-machine which gives U the possibility to experience the financial
crisis, not through the eyes of the victim but through the eyes of
causers. The fund will invest without any moral or ethical concerns
pursuing the highest profit in the shortest amount of time.  
 a glimce through the broken
glass of the stock-machine’s 
controlpanel shows businesspeople negotiating 
behind the scenes about what course to follow 
in the pursuit of short-term profits.
 The program ends the week before Incubate September 2012. Investors/shareholders will be rewarded with the maximum profit at the profitshare-meeting and network opportunity on a secret location in Tilburg during the week of the festival. Choice of accommodation, event-style and entourage depend all on the growth of invested capital and performance on the markets. 

We aim for fanciness, caviare, bubbles and strippers… 
The spekulator program guarantees all it’s investors a genuine chance on the possibility of making a significant amount of cash. 

*With profitshare beer from the Schultenbrau beer company. Special thanks to all investors who made the “netwerk borrel” at Incubate 2012 possible.